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Susan Albrecht (
Tue, 17 Mar 1998 14:49:26 -0500 (EST)

Hi. I asked our music librarian, and here is her reply. I hope you find this

You might tell her that *most* academic libraries, both large and
small have lots of LPs lurking about, and those which are catalogued
are being used with increasing frequency!

Vendors for CDs depend a lot on the type of music being ordered. I
do most of our ordering from Tower Records, directly from an outlet,
because their 800 number for nationwide ordering is very inefficent,
and they know it! The problem with all of the big Web and phone
cross-country distributors is the total lack of personal service. A
lot of what we need for classes is rarely in stock, and the bigger
vendors will contact you 6 months after an order, to let you know if
something is/n't available. Direct contact with a humanoid assures
you of knowing this within days at most. Tower Records are
nationwide, but there are other good sources too, depending upon
location. For folk and world musics I deal with Rounder,
Smithsonian, and the World Music Institute. Then there are the
jazz/blues, contemporary electronic, contemporary instrumental, early
music folks which vary according to what someone here wants and
needs. I'd be happy to tell you more, but this is probably more here
than you need at the moment. By all means, pass this on, because too
many people are lured by places such as the Compact Disc Source,
which have glitzy catalogues, give great deals on (rightfully)
unknown performances, and don't give a care about the needs of an
individual. Music, like everything else can be merely a commodity,
but there are still people out there who want to offer good service!

> Does anyone know a good vendor for purchasing music CD's? We need to add
> classical music CD's to replace old records. Does anyone else still have
> old LP's lurking in their collections?
> Thanks,
> Gerie Ventura
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> Highline Community College
> Des Moines, Washington
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