Re: Composer videos

Tom Causey (
Tue, 17 Mar 1998 10:54:58 -0500 (EST)

You could generate quite a list of films with composers as characters
using the Internet Movie Database,

First, click on Search, then click on the Character Name search.

For example, I believe there were 13 films in which someone appeared as
Franz Liszt, including "A Song to Remember" (1945), "Song Without End"
(1960) and "Impromptu" (1991) which had Hugh Grant and Judy Davis playing
Chopin and George Sand and Julian Sands playing Liszt.

Under Mozart, you find not only "Amadeus" (1984), but "The Mozart Story"
(1948), "Mozart" (1955) with Oskar Werner in the title role, "Whom the
Gods Love" (1936) and even "Verge_t Mozart" (aka, "Forget Mozart") which
has the following intriguing plot summary:

"In the dead of night, a few hours after Mozart's death, the usual
suspects (Konstanze, Salieri, van Swieten, etc.) are summoned to Mozart's
room by Count Pergen, head of the secret police, who considered Mozart a
potential revolutionary. Over the corpse, he interrogates them, trying to
discover the true cause and significance of Mozart's demise."

Obviously some of these films are of entertainment value only and any
"Hollywood" movie 1960's and earlier should be viewed with a skeptical