Video rewinder/cleaners -Reply

Carole Clemens (
Mon, 16 Mar 1998 14:32:32 -0700

We, too, "went through" many Kinyo machines.
They don't clean tapes either, just rewind them.
Apparently the type of tape used for recording can
affect these little boxes. We don't have as much
trouble with the Kinyos since the recording folks
changed brands of tape. Also, at the first sign of
sticking, aka squealing, we apply a silicon spray to
the metal parts in the bottom of the unit. Be sure
to use the little plastic applicator which comes with
the can. This prevents the spray from
contaminating the actual tapes which are run
through. We don't experience that awful noise now
and the units last much longer.

Although we have searched many resources, we
have not been able to locate a substitute for the
Kinyo. We buy them 6 at a time and replace
them as needed; still cheaper than the system
which costs megabucks.

Carole Clemens
Albertsons Library
Boise State University
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>>> <G_2WEBER@VENUS.TWU.EDU> 03/16/98
01:41pm >>>
Can anyone recommend a good videotape
rewinder/cleaner that's reasonably
priced? We've gone through half a dozen KINYO
rewinders in a very short span of
time (they don't last long), and don't want any
more of these. But there
doesn't seem to be anything in the library supply
catalogs between these $50
models and the $2,595 videochek? system that
cleans, conditions, and manicures
your videos. I'm desperate for suggestions! We'd
spring for anything under
$100, if it has a good reputation. Thank you.

-- Karen Weber,
TCU Library, Ft. Worth, TX --