Re: "Eye of the Storm"

Daniel Bickley (
Fri, 13 Mar 1998 14:39:59 -0800

Thanks to all who replied. I'm aware of the differences in the two titles.
We need to find a distributor of the original "Eye of the Storm" to replace
a damaged cassette. I probably should have been much more precise in my
original posting. Sorry if I've caused any inconvenience, but I'd still
welcome information on "Eye of the Storm." We have no need at this time for
another copy of "A Class Divided."

Best regards,

Daniel Bickley

>This does all still beg the question, is EYE OF THE STORM (the original)
>what you
>need, Daniel? Or would A CLASS DIVIDED do? If you need the original,
>does anyone
>know whether it is still being distributed by anyone?

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