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Actually, this needs further clarification. The "Eye of the Storm"
is repeated on "A Class Divided" and then there are updated segments.
There are also more recent updates of this experiment which aired on
Oprah and are for sale through Harpo Productions in Chicago.

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Eye of the Storm and A Class Divided are two different films. Eye of the
Storm deals with children in a classroom divided into groups of brown eyes
and blue eyes in order to learn a lesson about prejudice. A Class Divided is
a different film made many years later about the same kids grown up, looking
at their adult views on prejudice. Just thought that needed some clarification.

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At 08:03 AM 3/13/98 -0800, you wrote:
>Hi, Daniel. This is a WONDERFUL video, and I knew when I saw your question
that I
>had just seen it listed in a catalog recently. The problem in locating it
is that
>over the years it has gone by two different names, Eye of the Storm and A
>Divided. (I think it was originally Eye of the Storm, and then an update
was done
>when Jane Elliott's students had a reunion, which Frontline called A Class
>It's in the most recent PBS Video catalog under A Class Divided. Item no. is
>FRON-309K-S8SH, and the price is $200. Their number is 800-344-3337.
>Hope this helps!
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>> I'm looking for a video purchase source for the classic documentary, "Eye
>> of the Storm." Does anyone know who distributes this now?
>> Thanks in advance for any help.
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