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Karen C. Driessen (
Fri, 13 Mar 1998 08:47:40 -0700

Yes I am. KD

At 07:31 AM 3/13/98 -0800, Ellen Druda wrote:
>Is anyone besides me having trouble getting these to play?
>Ellen Druda
>Dix Hill, NY
>Gary Handman wrote:
>> On a more positive note: UCB MRC has recently added a couple more
>> full-length audio speeches to its growning list: J. Robert Oppenheimer on
>> the future of atomic energy; Michel Foucault deconstructing something or
>> other. We're in the process of putting up a poetry reading by Gary
>> Snyder, a lecture by A.L. Kroeber on the Natural History of Sex; and a
>> talk by Aldous Huxley.
>> Check it out at:
>> Gary Handman
>> Director
>> Media Resources Center
>> Moffitt Library
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