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Thu, 12 Mar 1998 12:03:32 -0400

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> Subject: Checkout for Audio Visual Items

> Our library is considering changing from checking all materials through =
> the circulation department' to checking out all audio visual formats in =
> the Audio Visual Department.. This would involve approximately 34,000 =
> items/month (29% of circulation).
> I'd appreciate advice and what others have experienced with department =
> check out.
> Thanks.
> Sally Fry
> Orange County (FL) Library System/Orlando Public Library

The Broward County Main Library is in the process of open shelving
all AV and checking it out from the main circ desk, instead of the AV
department. The intent was to consolidate staff and make the
materials more accessible to the patrons. Not surprisingly, though,
it has become very difficult to locate a particular item, and our
lost/missing rates have increased significantly. Our three regional
libraries still have separate AV depts. with their own circ desk.
While they still experience some loss (mainly items checked out and
never returned or returned to another location and it never finds its
way back to the owning library), it's nothing like at Main. The
branches almost all open shelve, and they all experience heavy losses-
particularly with CDs and hot videos.

Among the other disadvantages we have at Main, the circ dept. is less
careful about checking for condition and all parts before
discharging, so our number of incomplete sets is growing rapidly.
Also, there's no one left to evaluate complaints regarding sound or
picture quality or to do any minor repairs.

Kathy Olsen, Collection Development
Broward County Library
Ft. Lauderdale, FL