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We'll take a copy of the Paik piece. Pls wrap it up, ship and bill to:

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> A good Nam June Paik documentary is available from Creative Arts Television,
> POB 739, Kent CT 06757. $49.95 plus $5 UPS. Cassette wrapper text follows.
> This program was recorded in 1975. In an art world which constantly
> re-invents its own standards as new technology creates new possibilities,
> Namjune Paik was then both the bad boy and the grand old man of video
> wizardry and electronic music. Once called "the George Washington of video
> art" and "the world's most famous bad pianist", Korean-born Namjune Paik has
> been a constant pioneer in the branch of computer art he helped create.
> His training was traditional; the study of aesthetics at Tokyo University, a
> Ph.D. in the history of music at the University of Munich,and study at
> Freiburg conservatory. But then he met avant-garde composer John Cage and
> soon turned his talents from the past to the future.
> Composer, performer, inventor, instigator -- Paik has long outpaced his
> critics and imitators and has made experimentation with television, music,
> live performance and synthetic sound a respectable niche in the art world.
> On this program Paik presents his work "Global Groove", "The Medium is the
> Medium" and "Paik Meets Beethoven." He is joined by cellist Charlotte
> Moorman. 1975 28 mins. color