Re: Nam June Paik
Tue, 10 Mar 1998 14:59:55 -0500 (EST)

A good Nam June Paik documentary is available from Creative Arts Television,
POB 739, Kent CT 06757. $49.95 plus $5 UPS. Cassette wrapper text follows.

This program was recorded in 1975. In an art world which constantly
re-invents its own standards as new technology creates new possibilities,
Namjune Paik was then both the bad boy and the grand old man of video
wizardry and electronic music. Once called "the George Washington of video
art" and "the world's most famous bad pianist", Korean-born Namjune Paik has
been a constant pioneer in the branch of computer art he helped create.

His training was traditional; the study of aesthetics at Tokyo University, a
Ph.D. in the history of music at the University of Munich,and study at
Freiburg conservatory. But then he met avant-garde composer John Cage and
soon turned his talents from the past to the future.

Composer, performer, inventor, instigator -- Paik has long outpaced his
critics and imitators and has made experimentation with television, music,
live performance and synthetic sound a respectable niche in the art world.

On this program Paik presents his work "Global Groove", "The Medium is the
Medium" and "Paik Meets Beethoven." He is joined by cellist Charlotte
Moorman. 1975 28 mins. color