Honeybee Waggle Dance

deg farrelly (deg@asu.edu)
Sun, 08 Mar 1998 01:31:34 -0700

Susan Levene wrote:

>Does anyone know how I can locate a copy of the video "Honeybee Waggle

This may not be the item you are looking for... But if you are looking
for footage or an explanation of the honebee waggle dance, you can find
it in the Nova video "The Mystery of animal pathfinders"or in the
interactive multimedia title "Animal Pathfinders".

Description of the interactive multimedia title follows.

Hope this helps. Please let me know if you need more information.

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TITLE Animal pathfinders [interactive multimedia] / developed by
WGBH Educational Foundation and Peace River Films, Inc.,
association with Apple Computer, Inc.
PUBLISHER New York : Scholastic Software, c1990.
DESCRIPT 2 videodiscs : sd., col. ; 12 in. + 10 computer disks (3
in.), 1 handbook, 1 teacher's guide, 1 icon reference
chart in
box 33 x 33 x 6 cm.
NOTE Computer disks: Home -- Mammals, others -- Birds, insects
-- Bee
dances, reptiles -- Field study, fish, NOVA help --
navigator -- Behavior, video editor -- Turtles 1, report

maker -- Turtles 2 -- References, samples, Hypercard.
SUMMARY Interactive media combines video footage and slides of
and habitats, from the microscopic world beneath a
surface to whales breaching in the ocean, with a
database of biological information. Includes the full
Nova film, "The Mystery of animal pathfinders".
NOTE Grades 5-10 and up.
System requirements: Macintosh Plus, SE, or II; system
6.0.2 or
higher; 20 MB or larger hard disk; videodisc player
2200, 4200, 6000A, 6010A, 8000 or other 4200 compatible
Sony 1200, 1450, 1500 or 1550; or other compatible;
9500); color monitor.