films on women in middle east

Kari Noren (
Fri, 06 Mar 1998 15:42:15 -0500

Dear Rhonda:

First Run/IcarusFilms has 2 films that Jon Miller recommends on women's work
and education in the Middle East:

"The Price of Change" on women in the workforce in Egypt includes an
excellent study guide written by the producer Elizabeth Furnea, well known
for her docs on this subject.

"A Veiled Revolution" also produced by Furnea deals primarily with religious
fundalism but also covers education of women in Egypt. There is also an
extensive study guide on this title gratis on purchase.

I am faxing you the info on these two films along with a flyer on "Stories
of Honor and Shame" about social issues for women in Palestine.

All of these films are previewable. Please return email your request if you
would like to preview or purchase and I'll take care of getting tapes out to
you right away.


Kari Noren
Sales Director