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We are just beginning to institute a similar policy, except we pull
films needed by faculty as early in the quarter as they give us a list.
So far we are mostly circulating feature films, but we are moving other
titles to circulation also. "Library use only" videos are those that
are expensive, out of print, heavily used, or "essential" to someone's
curriculum and likely to be difficult to replace. We are moving slowly
implementing circulation of videos, but so far it is working well. We
have had no lost or damaged videos and no problems getting them to
My biggest concern is that I want to keep "non-fiction" videos
integrated on the shelves with books on the same topic, but don't want
to make life too difficult for the film office which must retrieve them
for faculty use.

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> We circulate all but "library use only" materials to all adult county
> residents.
> We have a more of a problem with lost and damaged books than AV
> materials.
> We've rarely had a problem with videos or audiobooks.
> To ensure that videos will be here when needed for a class, we put
> them on a
> special shelf a week or more before the scheduled show date. Our AV
> materials
> circulate for a week, so we give ourselves some extra time if we have
> enough
> advance warning of a showing. People can watch the items on the shelf
> in the
> library until the class showing, when they often go on Reserve or are
> again
> available for checkout. Classes often have videos on overnight, 2
> day, or
> library-use-only reserve. If a video is checked out when faculty
> members
> request it for a showing, we let them know that it may not be
> available and to
> have an alternate show date just in case. It normally isn't a
> problem, except
> with last minute requests for showings. Patrons are usually able to
> return
> materials the next day if we ask them to bring them back for a class.
> I hope you will circulate your media materials.
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