Re: Circulating Media

Sally Wellman (
Wed, 04 Mar 1998 15:26:27 -0600

We are not an academic library but a state agency with vast experience in
lending AV materials (videos, audiobooks, 16mm films, compact disks). In
fact, that's the major part of our mission. We lend directly to state
employees in the Baton Rouge area, state agencies and institutions, and
indirectly to all other residents of the state through the 64 local
parish/public library systems. The latter group is responsible for the
bulk of our circulation. The libraries themselves borrow heavily from us
for their own programming. Since Baton Rouge is the home of two major
universities, LSU and Southern, many of the faculty from each institution
borrow directly from us for their classes.

We use an automated system from Tek Data to book and circulate our
materials. It allows great flexibility in scheduling and we can book up to
a year in advance -- first come, first serve. It will also let us flag
patrons with too many overdues, etc.

Generally, the materials are returned on time for them to go on to the next
user. This is particularly important for libraries relying on our material
for programming and for state agencies/government officials needing them
for meetings. As is the case with any library item checked out, we cannot
guarantee that it will return on time.

As far as fines go, we are prohibited from levying them. In extremely rare
cases, we will charge a replacement fee for a lost or damaged item. I
should also add that we own some very expensive titles and have had little
problem with them either not being returned or returning damaged.

Considering that every resident of the state has access to our collection,
we seldom have damaged items returned to us and most items come back in
plenty of time to be sent on to the next user.

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