Circulating Media

Karen Venturella (
Wed, 04 Mar 1998 08:36:07 -0500

> The Multimedia Resources Department at Montclair State University is
> considering the possibility of circulating multimedia materials to all

> users with MSU IDs. Presently, we circulate multimedia only to
> staff and graduate assistants. We would not circulate to patrons
> without an MSU ID i.e. non-MSU users.
> We would be interested in hearing from librarians who work with
> multimedia departments that circulate materials. Comments on the
> following areas would be most helpful.
> - Procedures for implementing a fine system and collecting fines for
> overdue items.
> - Using our DRA system, we would like to have the online system flag
> if an item is needed by faculty.
> - Limiting items that faculty have on reserve to in-house circulation.

> - Ensuring that items needed by faculty are available.