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Tue, 17 Feb 1998 12:36:04 -0700,Internet writes:
>At 04:05 PM 2/15/98 -0800, you wrote:
>>Hi there Videolibbers - I have a patron who is looking for a video on
>>computers called "Revenge of the Nerds." She though she say it on a
>>Phoenix, AZ PBS station while traveling. I've only checked Bowker's
>>Complete Video Directory and not had time to check any other sources, but
>>thought I'd try you folks while I happen to be e-mailing others. Thanks
>>for any help. Jim Scholtz.
>I remember seeing <Triumph of the Nerds>, a history of the people involved
>with personal computers since the 1970s, such as Gates, Jobs, etc., from
>someplace like PBS Home Video, or Wellspring Media, or the Video Preview
>Collection of the National Fulfillment Center in Santa Monica, CA. However,
>in checking the current catalogs, I couldn't find this title listed. I
>think it sold for something like $79 for a 3 tape series. I did see it on
>TV, and thought it was very good. Hope this gives you some leads!
I just research "Triumph of the Nerds" for a faculty member. It is available
from Ambrose Video. $99.95 for each one hour program or $275.00 for the 3-part
program. 1-800-526-4663.

Good luck.


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