Re: 3/4"-Umatic and 16mm Film Replacements

Stan Diamond (
Thu, 12 Feb 1998 15:50:36 -0400

I feel the need to clarify my position somewhat...
I do not think that anyone who has been advocating the duplication of a
deteriorating print would do so if there was any other way a replacement
copy could be obtained. Also I do not think that any of the list members
would duplicate a print without permission just because it would more
convenient to have it in VHS. All that we duplication advocates are saying
is that if there is no possibility of purchasing a new print or of
contacting the copyright owner for permission to duplicate, we (libraries)
expect to exercize our rights under the section of the copyright law
which I cited earlier, to make our own replacement prints and destroy the
deteriorating original. At the same time I applaud Carolyn's call for
distributors to make replacement copies available at reasonable cost and
hope that other distributors heed this call.


>I'll add another distributor voice to the discussion of transfer to
>different formats. I would hope that anyone who wants to replace 16mm or
>3/4" with VHS would make every effort to locate and contact the
>distributor not only because of copyright issues, but also because of
>the quality of the image. A deteriorating 3/4" tape or film does not
>make a very good master for duplication, and a bad VHS dub in
>circulation can reflect very negatively on the producer and distributor.
>I would encourage other distributors to make replacement tapes available
>for a reasonable price to avoid having customers resort to doing this
>kind of transfer.
>Carolyn Baxley
>Baxley Media Group

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