AV Carrels

deg farrelly (deg@asu.edu)
Wed, 11 Feb 1998 22:18:32 -0700

Rick Provine wrote:

>I am in search of actual media viewing carrels. Has anyone seen
>anything recently that looks usable? Or have you worked with a
>good company for reasonable contract furniture?

Rick -

We use LEM 600 carrels constructed by the Synsor corporation:

Synsor Corporation
1421 NE 200th Street
Woodinville, WA 98072
Phone: 800.426.0193 | 206.481.6600
Contact: Jim Roodhouse

Advantage of this construction is that the carrels are completely
dis-assemble-able. (A great advantage in that during the 6.5 years that

I have been here, the media viewing area has been re-housed and
reconfigured 5 times! AND we are looking at moving them AGAIN!)

A basic carrel consists of 6 posts, a table top, 2 end panels, and up to

3 equipment boxes (a box can easily hold a VCR and 13" TV, or a stack of

audio components, Caramate slide viewer, computer monitor, etc.)
Construction requires only a rubber mallet and 2 able bodied staff.

Carrels can be assembled in rows or in clusters (we call them Pods).
Very flexible. Limitation is that they are really designed for single
person use... though swing-out panels may allow multiple users at the
same location...

Other designs are available. Ours are about 8 years old and are holding

up *very* well. There may be other components that facilitate different

arrangements by now....

One suggestion: If possible, get box units that open from the back for
making cable and power and security connections.

Hope this helps.

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