Video duplication

deg farrelly (
Wed, 11 Feb 1998 22:42:23 -0700

Problem with reading VideoLib in it's Digest form is that sometimes you
miss the shouting...

Most of the points I would make regarding the transfer of material from
one format to another have already been covered by Stan and Gary much
more eloquently than I could. But a couple points ...

The copyright law grants the duplication permission to *libraries* - it
might not apply to a departmental video collection or media center,
independent of the library.

If the title is still in commercial distribution by the distributor,
(Groupthink for example) even if the price seems exhorbitant,
duplication without permission on the basis of the "fair price"
provision seems tenuous to me.

On the other hand, if the title originally sold for $75, and the only
copy you can find is a used VHS copy from Video Oyster for $350 (don't
laugh, it happened to me) you probably could make a strong argument
under the "unused copy at a reasonable price" provision.

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