Re: 3/4"-Umatic and 16mm Film Replacements

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Tue, 10 Feb 1998 18:02:32 -0500

Sorry Stan, but I beg to differ. The question is copying material ON A
TOTALLY DIFFERENT FORMAT. Legally I think you would be on shaky ground. The
basic question is are the works in question still under copywrite and it
most cases the answer is yes. Now it requires a ridiculous amount of work
to figure out who really owns each specific work from a defunct
distributor, but that does not mean the work in question in not under
copywrite. Just because a work is not easily or cheaply available in your
desired format should not justify making a copy of it. Now all of that
said, I sincerely doubt that you would ever get caught and it is VERY
Frustrating not to be able to use such materials. In short my answer would
be it aint legal but you might do it anyway

Jessica Rosner

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