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Becky Carolus (rjc@psulias.psu.edu)
Mon, 09 Feb 1998 10:10:23 -0400

John Fick inquired about several titles available on VHS.

Penn State recently tried to track down Millenium, but just as we did, the
professor decided he really didnt want to use that title.

The last person we tracked it to was James Elder (the Toronto dude
referenced below) and telephone is 416-367-6188.

Hope this helps.

At 07:49 AM 2/9/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Someone else on one of the listserves is trying to pursue Millenium -- Do
>you have a name of the person in Toronto that I could pass along to him.
>>I was just wondering if I should pursue the rest of the titles --
>>Millenium from PBS.
>>For the latter I was referred to KCET TV in CA then some dude in Toronto...

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