Video Program Search
Fri, 06 Feb 98 15:32:20 CST

May I ask your help? If anyone knows where any of these titles can be
purchased in VHS format, please let me know. My E-mail address is:

1. BLACK DANCE IN AMERICA. (A title is all I have!)

2. DREAM OF PASSION (Jules Dassin, Dir.; 1978)

3. MILLENNIUM, PROGRAM 5: THE ART OF LIVING (We need to replace this
title only, originally purchased from PBS with Public Performance
Rights. Now all we can find are home video "sets".)

4. CRACK: DEAD AT SEVENTEEN (1987, 13 min., Originally distributed
by AIMS media).

5. ANNA: OT SHESTI DO VOSEMNADTSATI (a.k.a. Anna, 1993 or 1996;
Nikita Mikhalkov, director)

Thanks for any leads.

John Fick
University of Missouri-Columbia
505 E. Stewart Rd.
Columbia, MO 65211-2040