Re: Allocation policy?

Wes Miller (
Thu, 5 Feb 1998 13:50:40 -0500

Susan and all,

> How do you decide on allocations for each
>department or division? Do you have a set policy?

We (at Earlham, another small liberal arts instituion in Indiana) have a
fairly loose process for tape acquisition when it comes to allocating our
limited resources. Generally speaking, we will try to meet most low cost
tape purchases from within the budget until requests become
"excessive"...either large numbers of inexpensive programs or just plain
expensive ones. We then will offer to split the cost on the condition that
the program is housed in the Media Resources Center. There are a few
departments that have their own collections paid for entirely by their own
funds, but this is the exception. Rather than allocate fixed amounts to
each department, we prefer the flexibility of getting tapes for those who
request and will use them. Hope this helps.


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