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Judy Jones (
Thu, 5 Feb 1998 10:33:01 PST8PDT

My budget is about $25,000 per year. It is intended to service all
disciplines. The per title cost isn't the only factor to determine
fairness of distribution. How many uses per year is a factor,
interdisciplinary usage is also a factor. For example: The Color of
Fear" is a pricey title originally ordered by one department, but
used by almost all departments. The English Department may order
many classic feature films at cheap prices, and the Business
Department may order just a couple such as the Business of Paradigms
or Tom Peters, very expensive, but each department is happy and
understands the situation when explained. Certain departments, like
Art, Ethnic Studies, Communication Studies and Criminal Justice,
are big requestors and Chemistry, Physics, Engineering never order
anything, so when they do they go first in line. Some departments
have such huge wish lists I make them prioritize. Eventually, I get
around to everybody's wish. My big problem, currently, is
replacement of worn out favorites in 3/4'-Umatic and 16mm film.
These titles (and there are many) could consume my entire budget.

Date: Thu, 5 Feb 1998 09:29:20 -0800
From: Susan Albrecht <>
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Subject: Allocation policy?

Greetings, all. The Media Center director here at Wabash has asked that I send out
a query about budget allocations for video purchases. It is directed, especially,
to those of you who make acquisition decisions for college & university
media collections.

We are a small liberal arts school with a fairly tight budget. For us, I find that,
while our theatre & English dept. profs make the largest NUMBER of requests, their
selections are frequently in the $20 to $30 range. Requests from a philosophy,

biology, or education prof are fewer in number, but each video may cost $150 to
$200. Our concern is, of course, equity. How do you decide on allocations for each
department or division? Do you have a set policy? If you do, would you be willing
to share it?

We welcome any input! Thanks!


Susan Albrecht
Library Acquisitions/Media Center Asst.
Wabash College Lilly Library
Crawfordsville, IN
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