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Title: Commerce Department Releases proposal To Privatize Internet Domain
Source: NTIA
Issue: Internet Regulation/Infrastructure
Description: The Commerce Department released a draft proposal Friday
"suggesting ways to improve the current management of Internet names and
addresses by establishing a private sector policy oversight body and
introducing competition into the domain name registration system." The DNS
Management Discussion Draft is available on the Commerce Dept.'s website

Title: Building 'Internet 2'
Source: New York Times (D3)
Author: Robyn Meredith
Issue: Internet Growth
Description: The University Corporation for Advanced Internet Development
a nonprofit group that is trying to bring together academia, government
industry to create Internet 2, as the project is called, and the programs
needed to operate it. Douglas E. Van Houweling, chief executive and
president of the UCAID and one of the creators of the original Internet,
plans to add high-speed lanes to the clogged electronic highway that
Internet has become. He envisions Internet 2 as a way for high-end users
quickly and reliably move huge amounts of data across phone, cable,
satellite or other yet-to-be invented networks. "Today's Internet is like
single-lane highway with unlimited access points and no traffic control,"
said Mr. Van Howling. "There will never be a red light that will come on
say you can't use it -- when the traffic gets heavy, things slow down.
What we're trying to do is build a multilane highway. On each of these
lanes, we can regulate the amount of traffic to guarantee performance,
still have the far-right lane, where everybody can get on." Those involved
in the project say that broad commercial use of Internet 2 is about four
years away. Mr. Van Houweling expects that once Internet 2 is up and
running, discussions for the creation of Internet 3 will begin.

Title: FCC Delays DTV Decision
Source: Broadcasting&Cable (pg. 6)
Author: Chris McConnell
Issue: Digital TV
Description: Commissioners had hoped to complete a revised plan for
each station with a channel for digital broadcasting, One of the questions
is about which channel will constitute the "core spectrum" into which all
broadcasters will be packed once the industry returns its analog channels
the gov't. Another issue is whether expanding the core spectrum to 30 mhz
would cut into the revenue the government hopes to reap from its auction
the returned channels.

Title: Digital TV Comes to Computers
Source: Broadcasting&Cable (pg. 79)
Author: Harry A. Jessell
Issue: Digital TV
Description: Technicians at WETA-TV's offices flipped the switch on
with rabbit ears? Making it possible is a computer card slipped into the
back of the off-the-shelf computer alongside other more conventional
computer components. The card is a prototype DTV receiver built by Intel.
Equipped with the card and either rooftop or a set-top TV antenna, the
computer picked up the signal from WETA-TV's experimental DTV transmitter
four miles away and displays it on the computer monitor.

Title: DirecTV/Microsoft Internet Satellite Project in Limbo
Source: Broadcasting&Cable (pg. 82)
Author: Richard Tedesco
Issue: Digital TV/Satellites
Description: One year after it was trumpeted as the next great combination
of data and TV service, the future of DirecTV's PCTV project with
is uncertain and DirecTV is working with another software maker and
emphasis to data delivered to TV. The project is in transition, largely
prompted by delays in the release of Microsoft's Windows 98 system, which
will support the PCTV platform for the data delivery scheme.

Title: Battle Lines Form Over Free Airtime
Source: Broadcasting&Cable (pg. 6)
Author: Chris McConnell
Issue: Media & Politics
Description: The day after the President said he would "formally" ask the
commission to move on a free or reduced-cost airtime plan for political
candidates, FCC Chairman Kennard said he plans to do just that. House
Telecom Subcommittee Chairman Billy Tauzin said the airtime plan would
constitute the worst start ever of any FCC commissioner. Kennard conceded
that the plan will call for state and federal candidates seeking access to
the airwaves. The plan won't apply to cable, but may apply to radio.
said, "It's clear that the campaign finance system is broken in this
country. I want the FCC to be part of the solution."

Title: Clinton Seeks More Arts Funds
Source: Washington Post (B1,B5)
Author: Jacqueline Trescott
Issue: Arts
Description: Yesterday, President Clinton asked Capitol Hill lawmakers for
substantial increase in the fiscal 1999 budget for the National Endowment
for the Arts. The president proposed $136 million, matching the strategy
used last year when he requested the same amount. In his proposal, Clinton
also requested modest increases for other federal cultural agencies.

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