Re: need list of all new releases
Tue, 3 Feb 1998 11:50:21 EST

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<< I am looking for a source to follow all new 'special interest' video
releases. Is there one directory/source where folks register their new
special interest videos when they are released? Thank you.

In response to your posting and interest, you may be interested in the

Special interest multimedia retailer Vide-O-Go has announced the release of
the 1998 edition of
the best-selling publication, The Complete Guide To Special Interest Videos.
The Guide, which
lists and describes more than 12,000 how-to videos, has become the video
industry's most
recognized and publicized reference directory for special interest video

With 40 subject categories and a 100+ page alphabetical title index, the
publication has broad
appeal. For this reason it is utilized by hundreds of consumers, businesses,
libraries, schools, and
video stores throughout the Country.

Myles Callum, Senior Writer for TV Guide says "it's a rich source for hard-
to-find tapes.
When readers write to ask about some special interest video, this is the book
I reach for."

The 1998 edition will become even more valuable to you as the many title
listings and
descriptions include copyright date, ISBN number, closed caption information
and public
performance rights. Of particular help to librarians is the listing of
reviews with the date and ratings the title has received.

The Guide (ISBN 0-9627836-2-5) is available directly from Vide-O-Go (MSRP:
$29.95) by calling
1-800-323-8433 and in bookstores nationwide.