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Fri, 30 Jan 1998 15:56:05 -0800

On January 30th, Jane Agee wrote:

> I have a prof. who wants film/video scenes of whaling from the first
>half of
>the 20th century to show with MOBY DICK. All we've found are three
>possibilities in the Film & Video Locator. Are any of you aware of any current
>videos, perhaps on saving whales, that have clips of the old whaling practices.

Moving Images Distribution carries the 1977 documentary called
Greenpeace: Voyages to Save the Whales. The original film was 53 minutes
and won awards at a number of festivals including the American Film
Festival and Chicago.

There is a 30 minute version available on video for $195. In addition to
the footage on the campaign to disrupt whaling, it has footage of whaling
from the first half of the 20th century. If you need any more information,
please call.

Sylvia Jonescu Lisitza

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