Re: query: programs about the history of trashy talk shows

David Gilbert (Theresa_Kenkel@Douglas.BC.CA)
Fri, 30 Jan 98 8:39:19 PST

> Is anyone aware of a program that looks at the rise of the talk shows,
> Donahue to Jenny Jones, that explore the tawdrier side of life ?
> Chris Lewis
> American U
Hi Chris,

I've watched a programme called "Talked to death". It aired on Jan 11,
1998, on the CBC Newsworld channel on a series called "Passionate Eye".
It's 1 1/2 hours long. The following is part of the description for the TV

Interviews with Phil Donahue, Geraldo Rivera and Maury Povich are combined
with on-air and behind-the-scenes footage of several shows, including the
never-broadcast episode of THE JENNY JONES SHOW that led to the murder of
one guest by another. Several talkshow guests who felt they were ambushed on
the air candidly discuss their feelings.

It wasn't a bad programme. I hope this helps.

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