Re: Info on Audio-Visual Space Planning?

Stan Diamond (
Wed, 28 Jan 1998 17:12:16 -0400

I would advise not to plan too far into the future, certainly no more than
3-4 years. With the growth in availability of DVD material and the
tremendous advances in networking, compression, and transmission of video
on networks, coupled with the dramatic drop in the cost of storage (ie. HD
prices), we will be looking at an entirely new paradigm for video storage
and use in the fairly close future.

I am sure this comment will generate some feedback, so let me say first
that I do not see the VHS cassette disappearing, but at the same time, I
dont see its use growing at anywhere near the same rate we have seen in the
past 5 years.

Have at me! 8-)


>Dear VideoLibbers,
>A librarian wrote to ask me if I knew of any materials available
>which offer guidance on space planning for media collections. She's
>moving into a new building and wants to allocate more space for AV
>materials (yeah!), but would like some advice. Any resources out
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