Re: Kenneth Branagh Hamlet
Tue, 27 Jan 1998 12:44:52 +0000

> To all who said they had ordered Branagh's "Hamlet":
> Did you order the 4 hour version? If so, for what price and from whom?
> I saw an article in a Baker & Taylor VideoAlert (Oct. or Nov.?) that said
> it was only being released on video in a cut version (2 1/2 hours long)
> and at that time the price was still very high ($99.00+). Please tell me
> that the full 4 hour version was realesed on video and at a lower price?!

Hi Lucy,

The 1996 242-min. (uncut) version of "Hamlet" will be released at
sell-thru ($29.95) on Mar. 3rd. The *1969* version with Anthony
Hopkins will also be re-released (119 min.) at $19.95. And as long as
I have the press release info in front of me: Cromwell is also part
of the promotion ($19.95). Should be widely available...

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