Outsourcing dial-in access

Stan Diamond (sxd@cdt.infi.net)
Sat, 24 Jan 1998 17:17:18 -0400

Please excuse the cross posting.

As the internet and especially the web become more important to accessing
information and to the delivery and support of instruction, both in-class
and at a distance, it appears that the demand for dial in access on college
campuses will grow exponentially.

It also seems that providing, supporting, upgrading and managing a growing
dial-in modem pool would put an increasing strain on both budgets and staff
time. Have any of your institutions considered and/or are you now
contracting with a local service provider to offer your students and/or
staff reduced cost or school subsidized internet access from dorms or
off-campus housing (or home for staff and commuter students). Once
connected, they could access the school intranet, (sensitive areas
protected by a firewall) or go on out on the web, or get and send email,

I am interested in your responses to this question for some research I am
doing. If you like I will sumarize the responses. TIA Stan

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