Re: query: The Machine that changed the world

Maria Koehmstedt (
Wed, 14 Jan 1998 17:43:36 -0700,Internet writes:
>The Machine that changed the world is now out of print but the Computer
>Science department at AU is desperate
> to get their own copies of the
>first three parts. Do you know of any jobbers who might still have some
>copies sitting around? Or can you think of any alternatives for the CS
>department to get copies? We have a set in the AU Library and the CS
>department has expressed willingness to pay for the right to copy our
>set if WGBH was willing to consider that.
>Hope alls well.
>Chris Lewis
>American U
I emailed WGBH about purchasing this program last week, but have gotten no
response. If you locate more than one copy I want to buy one too. Of course,
the instructor needs it ASAP!


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