Re: University of Washington

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Thu, 8 Jan 1998 10:40:34 EST

Dear Jennifer,=0A=0AWe have lots of different contacts there, but our fri=
end at the University of=0AWashington Educational Media Center is Don Bar=
tholomew, his phone number is=0A206-543-9907 and his last email address I=
had is Say hi=0Afor us. =0A=0AIf you need the Univ=
ersity of Washington Press that sells their productions=0A(we have In the=
Land of the War Canoes from them), email me directly and I'll=0Aget that=
info for you.=0A=0ADennis Doros=0AMilestone Film & Video=0A275 West 96th=
Street, Suite 28C=0ANew York, NY 10025=0Aphone: (212) 865-7449=0Afax: (2=
12) 222-8952=0Aemail:"An ounce of action is worth=
a ton of theory." =0A=97 Friedrich Engels, 1803-1882=0A