Media Library Strategic Plans

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I'm cross-posting this to Media-L and this list. I'm new to videolib, but
from my what I've seen in list messages, I think this may be the proper
place to address my question. If I'm out of line, please let me know.

I'm in the process of writing a strategic plan for UCB's video library
which is to include:

1. a mission statement FOR THE UNIT
2. a set of service standards reflecting desired outcomes of the library
with specific outcome measurements
3. specific goals for 98/99
4. team assignments--who will measure what

My request: Does anyone have video/media library yearly or strategic
plans that they can point me to (URLs) or share with me (email)? This is
the first plan for the library that I'll write and I'd like to see planning
documents that folks with more experience have produced.

Background: Academic Media Services at the University of Colorado at
Boulder has a new name, a new direction and a new administrative
philosophy. As of July 1, AMS and Computing and Network Services merged,
forming Information Technology Services. The combining of the two cultures
has been challenging.

A major change is the adoption of a business model to administer the new
organization, accompanied by all the buzz words: re-engineering, vision
atatement, strategic plan, mission statement, TQM, flattening the
organization, empowerment, collaboration, partnering, customer service and
satisfaction, help desk, deliverables, measureables, etc.



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