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<< We are trying to locate the video(s) that accompany the book,
'Connections', written by James Burke, 1978. Does anybody know if
the video is still available? >>


James Burke turns science into a detective story in the series that Vide-O-Go
/ That's Infotainment! distributes.

Burke postulates that major technological changes occur in response to
"triggers." He connects events such as the atomic bomb to an ancient test for
purity in gold... telecommunications traced back to the Normans' use of
stirrups for their armies... the printing press to the plague in the Middle

There are ten (10) 52 minute videos in the series...

"The Trigger Effect"
"Death In The Morning"
"Distant Voices"
"Faith In Numbers"
"Thunder In The Skies"
"The Long Chain"
"Eat, Drink And Be Merry"
"Yesterday, Tomorrow And You"

The series carries a suggested retail price of $595.00

P.S. Both best-selling series, Connections 2 and Connections 2: The Journey
Continues has been released as one set consisting of 5 VHS cassettes. All 20
episodes (10 hours of programming) retails for only $129.95.

P.S.S. Connections 3, featuring "Feedback", "Drop The Apple" and "What's In A
Name?" is now available for the series rice of $49.95.

Wishing you continued success...

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