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<< I am trying to get videos that review the GED exams. >>


You may be interested in the following series from Video Aided Instruction...
they're in your backyard, Roslyn Heights, New York! Vide-O-Go / That's
Infotainment! distributes the following titles on their behalf:

GED Writing Skills
One Tape/120 Minutes

GED Social Studies
One Tape/120 Minutes

GED Science
One Tape/135 Minutes

GED Interpreting Literature And The Arts
One Tape/135 Minutes

GED Mathematics
One Tape/160 Minutes

The GED/High School Equivalency Tests can be the stepping stone to a more
successful, happier future. The above series of five tapes provides the tools
to complete your education and earn that important diploma. A skilled teacher
and test-taking expert guides the viewer through every GED subject, outlining
what to expect on each test, how to prepare, and how to get that passing

Wishing you continued success...

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