Re: multi part video sets

Karen C. Driessen (
Wed, 10 Dec 1997 16:12:09 -0700

We barcode each video (e.g.) each container separately, whether it has been
cataloged as a set with parts or whether it is a series where each one is
cataloged separately. By doing this, it allows just one part to be
circulated at a time. We book videos for classes and if they couldn't be
checked out individually, an entire set of 5 40 min. videos would have to
be checked out all at once. (In our system they are arranged by accession
number so they would all be together, whether a set or a series, but it
wouldn't really matter if they were classified. The ones available are on
the shelf. If an instructor need all 3 parts in a week, he/she books each
part for the respective day needed so it won't be checked out to someone
else. If an item is lost, the person is billed for the whole set if that's
the only way it can be purchased. If individual parts can be purchased,
the person it billed accordingly. Sometimes only one episode is wanted and
if the whole thing had to be checked out, someone else is being deprived.
Hope this explanation helps.

At 07:10 AM 12/10/97 -0800, you wrote:
>How do most libraries circulate these sets? Are patrons allowed to take
>one volume at a time? How do you group them and keep them together on the
>shelf? What happens if a patron only returns one volume - does it go back
>on the shelf?
>We keep losing parts....
>Ellen Druda
>Half Hollow Hills Community Library
>Dix Hills, NY
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