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Hooft, Robert (
Wed, 10 Dec 1997 08:17:06 -0800

We generally sign these out seperately as we have found that alot of
people don't like to take out complete sets especially if each tape is
120 minutes. In the past we did sign them out as a set but some patrons
really didn't want all the parts at once. So, instead of forcing the
patron to take all the parts, we had the other parts of the set sitting
on our hold shelf unable to be taken as they were already signed out to
one person. As you can imagine, this caused our circulation people
great headaches. We opted for choice, which may seem like more work,
but, it works well.

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>From: Ellen Druda[]
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>Subject: multi part video sets
>How do most libraries circulate these sets? Are patrons allowed to take
>one volume at a time? How do you group them and keep them together on the
>shelf? What happens if a patron only returns one volume - does it go back
>on the shelf?
>We keep losing parts....
>Ellen Druda
>Half Hollow Hills Community Library
>Dix Hills, NY