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Mon, 08 Dec 1997 09:14:18 +0000


A Balkan Journey seems to be a co-production of the National
Film Board of Canada and a few others, including Gerda Productions.
It's being broadcast on Vision TV on Jan.17th and, according to the
NFB, hasn't been released for purchase yet. The woman at NFB didn't
have an up-to-date phone number for Gerda & a look in the Toronto
phone book turned up nothing. She suggested calling back in January
when she might have more info. on who will be distributing it. If you
re-post the inquiry then I'll see if I can find out more.


I've had a purchase request (VHS) for "A Balkan Journey, Fragments from
the Other Side of War", Toronto, Ontario : Gerda Film Productions, 1996.
I'm having a tough time finding any information on Gerda Film or a
distributor for the title here in the States. Does anyone out there have
any clues?!
Many thanks!
and Cheers!
Beth Hansen

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