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I don't know about the Hopi translation but we have an Arapaho version.
1) Originally issued as a motion picture in 1942 ; Araphoe
version issued in 1994.
2) "The Walt Disney Company is honored to present this version
of Bambi to the Arapaho Nation in support of their effort to
preserve and revitalize their nation language and
culture."--Title screen.

It rents for $10.00 plus shipping. If interested, you can order by e-mail,
FAX (406-243-4067), phone (406-243-5976) or even US mail.

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>Here's another fun one. I have a customer who claims to have heard on
>NPR, that the Hopi Native American Tribe translated Disney's Bambi into
>their language and that segements were played on the air. Has anyone
>else heard of this?
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