Re: Paul Robeson films on 16mm

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Thu, 4 Dec 1997 10:32:01 -0500

Yes I'm Here

Most Robeson's are available. The ones FI Had ( emporor jones, proud valley
and maybe one other) should be safe at Kit Parker. The other major source
is THe Rohour collection they have most of them but I am not sure which are
16mm and which are 35mm. Their number is 614-469-0720. Also Swank should
have the 36 showboat. And as long as I am at it I'm going to plug our
videos. In conjuction with Rohour we are putting out 4 of the Robeson's
mastered from terrific material on video in feb. They are big fella, body &
soul, Jericho & song of freedom. good luck

Jessica Rosner

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