Paul Robeson films on 16mm

Marc Sober 396-4616 (
Wed, 3 Dec 1997 19:26:29 -0500 (EST)

A patron/local film scholar is trying to help some group (in New Jersey,
I believe) put together a circulating program on Paul Robeson. Any ideas
on rental sources. All I know at the moment is that Emperor Jones, Proud
Valley, and Tales of Manhattan used to be available from Films, Inc., so
they may be available from Kit Parker or Swank. Kino (Jessica, are you
listening?) has Native Land (Robeson narrated) on video; does Kino have
I have a feeling that most of the other titles are going to be impossible
to get, but here's a list:
Jericho (aka Dark Sands)
Body and Soul (Oscar Micheaux)
Show Boat (1936)
Song of Freedom
Sanders of the River
King Solomon's Mines (wasn't this Janus?)
Easy to Get (I can't find this in most listings of Robeson's
films - there's a 1920 film by this title but I can't
find Robeson's name attached to it)

There is also the documentary Tallest Tree in Our Forest which was/is(?)
distributed by Phoenix/BFA.

And finally, does anyone know of a recent documentary on Robeson by a
filmmaker in Stuttgart?

Thanks for any leads.

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