NEH Library Program Opportunity
Thu, 13 Nov 1997 10:53:15 -0500 (EST)

We'd like to alert you Videolibbers in public libraries to a new project.
"From Rosie to Roosevelt: A Film History of Americans in World War II" is a
project from National Video Resources (in collaboration with ALA) and funded
by NEH. It is a landmark--the first-ever NEH library program using
documentary films as the basic text for public discussion programs.

Twenty public libraries will be selected to participate in the pilot phase of
the project. Libraries will receive: $$ to purchase videos and other
materials for the series, $$ to pay a local scholar to lead the series, and
an opportunity to send staff to a national training seminar on the project
and how to use film/video successfully in public programming.

For details and an application, consult the ALA Public Programs Web Site at programs. Or contact me at (312) 491-0844. Or at Please don't reply directly to this message or the
listserv gods will get me.

Sally Mason-Robinson
Director of Library Projects
National Video Resources