Re: Giving name of requestor to distrib/producer?
Wed, 12 Nov 1997 13:28:24 -0500 (EST)

Chris is absolutely right in our case -- out of the usual curiosity (many of
the professors who buy from us are friends) I usally ask the faculty's name
so we can put them on the mailing list. I do tell this to the buyer and most
of the audio-visual/media center people don't mind at all or encourage it as
a way to get information directly to the professors who might be interested
in our films. We appreciate the information because as a small distributor,
we can't (or have the inclination to) buy thousands of lists and flood
schools with our brochures. Of course, like many distributors, our ego tells
us that educated people will obviously love all our films.

I have to say that with over 10,000 names on our list (theaters, professors,
librarians, etc.) we have had only one or two professors in seven years ask
to be removed from our mailing list and we've gladly done so. And of course,
we never sell, lease, lend or make access to our list.

Therefore! That's our side of it. We don't mean it as an invasion of privacy
but as a means of survival. However, I can see both sides.

Dennis Doros
Milestone Film & Video

<<I wouldn't give a faculty requestor's name out to a vendor - it seems
like a basic patron confidentiality issue (plus giving out a name would
probably amount to having the faculty member being put on mailing lists
that many of them might prefer not to be on).

Chris Lewis
American U>>