Re: Giving name of requestor to distrib/producer?

Denise Sokolowski (
Wed, 12 Nov 97 18:13:36 CET

Maybe you could get the name of a contact person at the company. If
the faculty member liked/disliked a film enough to comment on it,
he/she could contact the company. I expect our administrators/faculty
would be somewhat put out if a company called them "out of the blue."

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Subject: Giving name of requestor to distrib/producer?
Author: at Internet
Date: 12/11/97 5:48 PM

Maybe I'm overly squeamish, but I feel a little uncomfortable giving the
name of the "prompter" (of the order) to the company that produced and
distributes the video, even if it's only so that they can find out how the
video requested is being used, etc. Appalshop Film & Video wants to know
the name of the faculty member who requested a video so that they can
contact the faculty person and ask them how they like it. Seems invasive
to me. Comments?

Susan Shaw
Briggs Library
South Dakota State Univ.