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Agee, Jane (
Wed, 05 Nov 97 15:11:16 est

Duke University has a good size Arabic film collection however I hesitate to
recommend titles since we serve academic needs rather than general interest.
FYI: Among the Arabic films, "The Silences of the Palace" is the current "hot"
title here.
I can point you to the two companies from whom the majority of purchases
are made:
1. Arab Film Distribution
4022 Stone Way North
Seattle, WA 98103
2. Facets Video
1517 w. Fullerton Avenue
Chicato, IL 60614

Hope this helps. I'll be interested in seeing other's suggestions for vendors.

Jane Agee, Film & Video Librarian
Duke University Library
Durham, NC
Subject: Arabic videos
Date: 11/5/97 1:53 PM


I have had several patron requests for foreign videos in Arabic. (No
particular titles). We have a small foreign language video collection with
Italian, French, German videos. I would like to purchase 3 or 4 movies in
Arabic language, with English subtitle.

I am not familiar with titles of any that might have appeal in their own
right. I have found mention of the following:

Palace Walk (adaptation of the novel by Mahfuz); YOL (from 1982) won Palme
d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival; The Victor--Salah al-Din (by Yusuf
Shahin) ; Wedding in Galilee; Islam in America .

I would deeply appreciate any comments or suggestions --either resources or


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