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Subject: antebellum labor film/documentary

Bob Sampson adds to earlier queries on the use of film
in labor history classes. Who can help? SW
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Earlier this year, there was an extended and helpful discussion on this
list about teaching labor history through the use of films and
documentaries. My apologies if the answer to my question was touched upon
then. If it was I must have missed it. Anyway, I'm going to offer my adult
ed, non-credit labor history course again this spring in Decatur, IL, but
with a different approach as we have already covered the 19th and 20th
centuries from the lecture/readings approach. I'm thinking in terms of
"American Workers on Film." While there are many, many good choices for the
20th Century and back to the Molly Maguires of the 19th, I wonder if anyone
knows of a film or documentary that might cover the antebellum period. I'd
like to think there is something out there, perhaps, on Frances Wright or
Mike Walsh or the Lowell factory. If anyone has any suggestions, they will
be greatly appreciated.
Best regards,
Bob Sampson

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