Re: VCD's

Susan Dehut (
Thu, 23 Oct 1997 11:31:06 -0700 (PDT)

Recently someone posted about using VCD's from other countries, worrying
about PAL format. I just saw a VCD from China today (of a music
concert) and it played fine
on our PC in the lab. Some of the VCD's run OK just by opening the file
"Multimedia Player". This particular one also required that we open the
file created by the CD itself in the icon under the CD drive, and then
open the JpegAV file. It also did not give us an icon on the multimedia
player screen to increase or decrease the volume, so we had to go into the
control panel to do that. (We figured we must be working with an older
version of Multimedia Player). But after those three steps,
the VCD
played just fine, with a crisp picture and OK sound (but not great sound)
This was one of the older style of VCD which has only 1 hour per disc --
student who brought it in said that new discs have 2-2.5 hours per disc.


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