Re: remote controls for VCRs/monitors

Stan Diamond (
Tue, 21 Oct 1997 16:41:44 -0400

Markertek supply carries those cables in two lengths. They are attached at
either end with glue pads and they work great for the purpose you need.
Obviously, anyone with a hefty wire cutter can remove the remote, but as
with any other security device, you can only protect your stuff against
honest people.

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>At the American University Library, we have a variety of video players
>and monitors in the public area and therefore a variety of remote
>controllers. We have been keeping the controllers behind the desk unless
>needed for special playback needs that cannot be filled using the
>controls on the VCR or monitor itself (i.e. turning on/off captioning,
>selecting an audio channel). Keeping them apart from the viewing
>stations has created some confusion and occassional misplacement. I
>noticed that one of the local Best Buy stores has a neat setup where
>they have each remote attached to a glue-on plate and a phone-cord-like
>spiral security cable anchored someplace on the workstation. Is anybody
>doing this kind of thing in their library? If so where did you get the
>Chris Lewis
>American U

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