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Becky Carolus (
Fri, 17 Oct 1997 12:56:16 -0500


According to Films Inc. Entertainment Web site:

I just tried the 800# listed and got through to Films Inc/PMI.


September 3, 1997

Dear Customer,

After almost 70 years of serving the non-theatrical market, Films
Incorporated is phasing out of the
public performance licensing and distribution of new Hollywood feature films.

However, we are pleased to inform you that we will continue to provide our
customers with classic,
foreign-language, and independent films, such as WALKABOUT, CHILDREN OF
order films
from RKO, Janus and other classic film producers, please call Mike Caisson
toll free at
800-323-4222, ext. 230, until October 10. If you have credit or other A/R
issues, contact Jo
Nicholson at Fax: 773/878-9170 or voice-mail: 800/323-4222 ext. 144. After
September 30, watch
for an announcement on this website which will direct you to the film and
video distributor who will be handling our collection.

To book Hollywood feature films for your program, please call the following

Swank Motion Pictures, Inc.'s toll free number is 800-876-5577. Swank
represents movies from
the following Hollywood major studios:

Paramount Pictures (all markets)
Buena Vista - Disney, Hollywood, & Touchstone Pictures (all markets)
Warner Brothers (all markets)
Universal (all markets)
Sony - Columbia, TriStar, Triumph (all markets)
MGM/UA (all markets)
Miramax (all markets)
Live Entertainment (all markets)

Criterion Pictures' toll free number is 800-890-9494. Criterion represents:

Twentieth Century Fox (all markets)
Buena Vista - Disney, Hollywood, & Touchstone Pictures (no colleges,
hospitals, or
New Line/Fine Line (all markets)

If you are interested in a specific title, and are unsure of the studio
designation, please refer to our
published 1996/1997 A to Z Comprehensive Guide to Feature Entertainment or
our Internet A-Z
Index Web page below this letter. Both of these resources provide an
alphabetical listing of the
titles we formerly represented and those we have retained. Each
title/description includes the
studio that released the film. You can then determine the appropriate
distributor as listed above.

Thank you for your business during the years we have worked together. We
are sorry for any
inconvenience this transition may cause, but are sure you will receive the
same professional and
courteous service from Swank Motion Pictures. Inc. and Criterion Pictures.


Adrianne B. Furniss

>Hi All,
>I am hoping someone on this wonderful group may help me. I ordered a film
>from Films Inc. which closed it's doors last week, Mike was going to ship
>out all of the orders before he left but ours hasn't arrived and I'm
>beginning to worry. I called the 1-800 # to get the shipping info and to
>my surprise another company (Pet foods??) is already using their number.
>Does anyone know who is taking over their collection? I know part of it is
>going to Criterion but this particular title is not in that group. Any
>leads would be greatly appreciated.
>Lorraine Algera, Media Consultant
>Instructional Media Centre -- Simon Fraser University
>ph: 604-291-4300 fax: 604-291-4900 e-mail: