National Media Market and Educational CD-ROMs

Peter Mason (
Tue, 14 Oct 1997 21:16:40 -0300


There is a growing multimedia industry in Nova Scotia and a number of
firms have produced some great CD-ROMs for use in schools and
universities. In a recent meeting I was asked for comments on whether
the National Media Market would be a good place to exhibit their
latest productions and if I had any other suggestions as to national
shows that they might consider.

Unfortunately we aren't showing Medianet at NMM this year (NMM is on
the same weekend as the CCUMC conference -- hopefully it will not be
next year!) so I can't do an adhoc survey in person. If anyone has
any comments as to the value of NMM for promoting CD-ROMs, or
suggestions as to other tradeshows these firms might consider, I'd
appreciate you mailing them to me at and I'll
forward the messages on.

Thanks in advance .. Peter

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